What is Coming in the Months Ahead?

As when we’re not going back to normal anymore…

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Well, what a ride we have been having here down in the trenches of 3D Earth.

It has been what many of us have been waiting for.

The beginning of the end of the old and The Purge to open up and bring in the new.

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Change can be quite scary for folk who stay attached to their current reality and have a core program that I am NOT safe in the unknown.

Or: my existence is intrinsically linked to my financial picture.

I know this one myself, which used to be so deeply entrenched in my consciousness. All the patterns of not trusting the Divine and needing to exert my Personal Will to make something happen.

I must earn money, I must provide, or I will not be able to pay rent — and then I will be forced out on the street, and then I will die.

All, of course, BS stories deeply programmed into my consciousness courtesy of my family conditioning. When I was in it, the FEAR was all so real and palatable, you accept this as Core Truth.

I felt this is how reality actually is.

It was ONLY by working on my consciousness, working through false perceptions and beliefs was I able to purge through these deeply engrained core programs.

The truth of it, (now I am through the other side) is that these perceptual beliefs that ARE NOT true. But are part of a sophisticated conditioning system that created enslavement of my own mind.

The ONLY way through all of this was by working on my consciousness.

Often this was done through a forced awareness.

Quite often, kicking and screaming into the illusionary world of my imagination, only to find the mirage in the desert. It was all a figment and projection of my own imagination.

What I am sensing is many people on the planet are currently moving through this very initiation with the mass loss shuts downs and loss of income.

A mass forced awareness if you like of the illusion that money = safety.

Accelerated growth of collective consciousness, as it stirs and awakens to the reality of the self-imposed illusion.


The Corona Virus’s planned response has been the well needed Cosmic Slap humanity has required. It has stirred and awakened even the deeply asleep into examining reality, and the various control systems holding together the hierarchical energetic and resource siphoning service to self elite few agenda.

You are probably also noticing people in the typical ‘skeptic’ or ‘oh that is just conspiracy talk’ examining their own belief systems and questioning the mainstream media spoon-fed narrative.

Of course, there is still a lot of people with their heads buried in the sand, no doubt looking for their own mirage. It is most likely they are going to find the coming 2–3 years very confusing and frightening.

All of this will undoubtedly serve as a collective kick in the pants and create a forced awakening to any sleeping Soul.

Or if an awakening does not materialize, a completed schism and split in their consciousness as they go through a mental breakdown not being able to cope with the accelerated changes coming and sudden change in their living circumstances.

As a collective, we have to now UNDO everything that has been done and build anew the systems and infrastructure that will help propel humanity forward.

The Universe WILL reward those creating the new.

Or in the words of Sananda on my catch up with him yesterday. “The righteous shall prosper.”

And most certainly, the righteous building the new.


Those with the vision to see and heart to listen can easily discern darker agendas behind vaccination programs linked to Digital tracking certificates set in motion some time ago as a way of greater control.


Or other ways of tracking, tracing movements and travel planning




Indeed, it has an Orwellian and Gattaca type feel to things. We are indeed in a silent war on consciousness, which is the Higher Dimensional agenda playing out.

It is imperative that those of us anchoring the light, continue to propel our consciousness as high as possible to continue to bridge in the new and move our perceptions from beyond ‘The Program.’

It looks like the Vaccination issue is the line in the sand that people will not allow to be crossed, so we shall see how all of this plays out as the net begins to be drawn by the Globalists and their higher dimensional masters

The way the world used to be is not how it will be moving forward, and it is WE the people that get to choose the new playing arena by where we place our focus.

What we WILL allow and what we will not.

More relevance and importance is being drawn from the inspiration behind the Magna Carta. This was written by a group of 13th-century Barons to protect their rights and property against a tyrannical King.

A similar situation faced by the world today as certain factions of elite society wish greater authority and control of the many are being brought to the surface for purging.

The Maga Carta holds our freedoms and rights as individual sovereign beings, and everyone held equally obligated under the law.

It ties everyone, including Kings Queens heads of state, to being not immune to the law.

During the American Revolution, Magna Carta served to inspire and justify action in liberty’s defense. The colonists believed they were entitled to the same rights as Englishmen, rights guaranteed in Magna Carta. They embedded those rights into the laws of their states and later into the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land.

“To no one, will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.”

Perhaps this document will again serve as an inspiration not to allow tyranny to rule the many, but let the Will of the people to be heard and expressed as free sovereign beings.

Indeed, we have fuel for revolutionary and evolutionary processes to create the acceleration need to move into the clearer air of a more refined harmony and collective consciousness for all of us to thrive together.

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I am meeting remarkable people who are developing incredible projects that provide the very infrastructure and organizational technology for us all to thrive.

These new technologies are providing the framework to prosper as a society without the need for politicians. The issue with many of those drawn towards Politics. Is that they are often corrupted by their egoic deficiencies and desire for the love of power.

This desire for power has made them hungry for Self Service, and the whole field of politics is simple a Game. Well, the playing field of the game is changing.

The new technology coming, is allowing the constitution to be baked into the Codex of the systems to enable the delivery of the Will of the people. All without the intermediary of ‘people in power’ to execute. Think about the next evolution of Blockchain technology.

Imagine a world without elected officials being needing to be trusted to execute the Will of the people but rather smart contracts guaranteeing the actual delivery of the Will of the people.

All of this and so much more is coming.

But first, the Purge.


We are seeing heads of state being relieved of official duties, major CEO purges, the highest office in the darker grouping “The Black Pope’ being removed from the Earth plane.

We are witnessing the Chinese manufacturing plants taking a long time to resurrect, if ever. We will most likely see a return to local manufacturing.

The whole ‘just in time’ Global Supply Chain has ground to a halt.

Doubtful whether it will ever resurrect itself.

Many industries will suffer as a short term consequence. Anything needing parts and supplies from China will be required to be re-constituted and redeveloped locally.

This will change the landscape of manufacturing to allow regeneration in the medium to the longer term to more locally made factories and communities to pick up the slack through the deployment of 3-D printing to revolutionize how things are made and distributed.

We saw this week Hertz rent-a-car go into Chapter-11 bankruptcy.

Hertz has over 400,000 cars, which now may go on a fire sale and anyone with car repayments who no longer have a job also doubtful whether they will be keeping their cars. Meaning we will probably see a complete shift in the automobile industry.

The tourism tap’s being turned off is creating its knock-on effect through whole countries, regions, and cities that reply to Tourism grind to a halt. Most likely for 18 months or so.

This will purge the AirBnB industry. Super hosts (people who own 10 or more AirBnB’s are already having to sell properties to prevent bank foreclosure. This is just the beginning for the property market.

We are already witnessing consumer credit card debt up another 20%, rent defaults at 30%, Global Household debt at $47 trillion, unemployment at 25% +.

This will create mass consumer debt defaults and bring fort the first mass Purge and subsequent fire sale in commodities such as properties and cars as people need to sell stuff.

Next up, we will see the Purge of corporations raised by debt unable to keep up with their debt obligations. Global Corporate Debt is now at $66 trillion. We will see the collapse sector by sector as we start with hotels, tourism, energy, transport, entertainment, cruise liners, restaurants, all being put under immense pressure.

This is just the beginning.

Then as Governments look to save these sectors, we are going to see Sovereign Debt defaults as whole countries purge as the money printing machine in motion by central banks meets its predictable hyperinflation destination. Some are predicting a US post-stimulus debt topping $30 trillion.

Got Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin?

Having money outside the system might not be a bad idea going forward.

Yes, we are living in extraordinary times, where we are witnessing the inflection point of cultural and collective transformation.

Add in The Grand Solar Minimum and reduced solar flares and a cooling period, with harsh winters, especially in the Northern hemisphere, creating challenging growing conditions for food production. We will start to witness increased migration to areas that are more sustainable for living.

While all of these changes may seem on the surface challenges.

For the spiritually evolved, we can see them as a necessary shift to move our collective consciousness onwards to the new station of awareness and perception.

We, as a species, simply cannot continue with what was our existing trajectory.

We needed a radical shift.

We are at the beginning of one.

All change comes with entering what I call “No Mans Land.”

You may know this term from World War One and the trench warfare. The gap between trenches was “No Mans Land” Because no one ventured in there.

No Mans Land we are experiencing now is the gap between letting go of the old, and the physical realization of the new. What holds you on a place in that gap is Vision, and Faith.

Then you move forward because you have the seedings of a better future. You need to cultivate Faith because it keeps you going when the night is still dark, and you cannot yet see the dawn of the new day.

But the vision and the trust that it exists already keeps you moving forward.

Here is what I have learned in 25 years in human transformation.

If it exists in your heart, it is because God has put there, and it already exists for you.


Many of us have come here as Soul Volunteers. To help steer humanity through this time of darkness in the great transition. Many of us knew that this time would come, and we would be called to step up as the way-showers, the guides, the architects of a new world.

That time is now…

We are being called to hold a vision and frequency of the new world.

We do that by not focusing on what is wrong and what is collapsing, but by projecting into the future and holding the energy frequency and vibration of the future now.

By holding that frequency in our field, we become a nodal point for the broadcasting of that reality. Doing so helps to build the future into the morphological field of our species, the very existence all of us are longing for.

Then what happens with God’s loving Divine Will and the rising frequencies on the planet is a collective shift of consciousness as the old belief system just collectively fall away, with the energy just spinning off mass consciousness.

As we do this, we enter a sudden leap new leap of collective consciousness and intelligence and begin to self manage and self govern ourselves without the need for a central authority.

Yes, we are living in remarkable times…

As Vladimir Lenin well understood, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

We are in those weeks now.

So rejoice the Purge.

It is the beginning of the end of the old and the start of the building of the new.

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Part of the issue of waking up the collective has been the hijacking of the internet. The internet was supposed to usher in freedom of information ad opinion. However, it has become centralized with power accumulating. Into a few behemoths that now dictate what ideas are allowed and what beliefs are not.

So much for freedom of speech

It is quite evident to any centered neutral person that social media has become corrupted as a political tool of social engineering to push forward Globalist agendas.

The Globalist agenda is to create a one-world control system. Various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, are controlled outlets and contain severe editing and purging of multiple topics.

There has been a concerted effort to purge many people in the truth movement, who are bringing forth news and items that the mainstream who are controlled by the elite grouping will not cover.

There has been severe purging on anyone trying to have a fair and open debate about vaccinations, for example, or any dialogue and discussion about the Coronavirus that is contrary to the World Health organization position.

This is dangerous as it does not allow the questioning of a particular narrative. Many well-esteemed medical Doctors have been silenced or removed from specific platforms for merely having an opinion other than that of the World Health Organisation.

However, this has served as an awakening as many people are becoming more aware of this than ever. Creating further rocket fuel for a tipping point, when suddenly this realization gets global instant awareness through the morphogenetic field and self-evident for everyone.

The elite-controlled social media outlets have been utilized as political tools by the Left to attempt to coerce public opinion in specific directions. The mainstream media is also not immune to this. However, social media has often hidden behind their platform status by saying we are not editors but merely a platform for public opinion.

However, it has become apparent to anyone through delisting, demonetizing, shadow banning individual voices, and narratives.

They are not merely a platform but are actual editors.

I was pleased to see the President today announced the executive order to tackle these issues.

As this moves through, we may actually see Free Speech come back to the internet, because the truth is right now it is anything but free speech. It is free speech as long as it aligns with globalist agendas.

Healthy open debate on all topics from all angles is not only important; it is necessary; otherwise, you can become blinded by only one lens of opinion. There must be less coercion and manipulation of mass opinion available for elite groups, especially leading into the next Presidential election later this year.

Many people who have had vocal opinions against Globalist agendas will be pleased to see this Executive Order announcement and have the possibility of Free Speech return to the world.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


As we move through THE PURGE, we will indeed come through the other side with new systems, new infrastructure, and ways of organizing ourselves based upon the Higher Consciousness broadcasts coming to the planet at this time.

We will see a massive shift in the consciousness of people, we are already witnessing this as many more people are starting to see the control systems.

This will drive technological and cultural renaissance throughout all sectors of society that will regenerate and rebuild the economic and social systems.

All industries will need to be upgraded and shifted as new technological breakthroughs are birthed this decade, and we can reorganise ourselves based upon these breakthroughs.

The Government has become clogged with people leeching paychecks and being lost in the system, keeping the enormous machine turning Will

be trimmed down as Government moves from people to software, AI, and smart contracts to ensure the Will of the people actually get executed.

We will see Ego removed from the Government processes as a revolution in the use of AI and machine learning (decision-management, forecasting, data classification, smart contract execution), which will ensure greater transparency and efficiency.

In the future, the Will of the people gets heard and managed through sophisticated automated technologies that allow society to function seamlessly based around a constitution that is written into decentralized distributed ledgers that make things happen through smart contracts.

SO much really cool stuff is being built to support the New Earth.

Great minds are downloading new ideas, groundbreaking technology new, improved ways of doing things.

Every sector and industry will experience significant shifts and ways of operating.


Those that fear change will find this transition difficult. We are talking about system dissolving of all major industries, economies. Those that are not prepared mentally and spiritually will find this time confusing, upsetting and difficult.

Our role for our families, communities and the planet is to hold the vibration of what it is like on the other transcended side. Each of us acts as nodal points of consciousness. Anchoring our frequency into the morphogenetic fields of the Earth grids.

Our current station of consciousness and focus provides the broadcast signal that collectively creates the reality.

It is very simple.

What you focus on is what you get.

Our role is to hold the vision of a new world that we anchor into our consciousness, we work as the bridges into the New World. The much prophesied Golden Age.

This is why we came.

This is the moment.

It is ours matter.

It is time for us all to rise, to create the future in this now moment by looking past what is here now, and look further forward into what is to come.

If you can do that, and hold the energy of what is on the other side of the Purge, and you take divine right action into the direction of your heart in building a better place or people.

The Universe will reward you and you will prosper.

It is that simple.

So start each day with your daily practice, build your vibration into the future, and become a time-line Bridger.

Let’s do this together. Cheers!




Tech Strategist. Certified Reiki Energy Healer. Natural Herbalist. Building memorable land of education and healthcare in Metaverse for our next generations.

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GL. Nga Theng

GL. Nga Theng

Tech Strategist. Certified Reiki Energy Healer. Natural Herbalist. Building memorable land of education and healthcare in Metaverse for our next generations.

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