Regardless you are jobless out of sudden or lost of direction along your life path…Please read this!

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The world has changed, the way we work and live has changed, either, and there is no looking back!

It is not easy to find one’s calling in life. Although some know what they want to do from an early age, for most, it takes many years to find their…

Especially when you’re in darkness and hopeless now.

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Your eyes are closed. Warm, humid air nestles on your cheeks. The air feels palpable. You lie still, rocking on what feels like water, yet, oddly, you remain dry.

You open your eyes. It’s dark. Warmly dark. Enveloping dark. Above you: a warm darkness. Below you: darkness. …

Knowing the rules and the truth will lead you to a happier, stress-free and peaceful life.

If you’ve ever played a good video game, chances are you spent a lot of time on it. Whether you’re shooting them up, messing around with your in-game character or planning a strategy to defeat your enemies, games bring a lot of joy. …

Here are priorities from those who have made it.

It’s great to have a get-rich-quick idea, but building a business takes much more than what we planned and expected. Almost every entrepreneur I know wants to become a millionaire — like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and many others.

They don’t realize that achieving this dream involves far…

Transparent strategies on what to do and what to avoid during this critical time.

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As a business owner, you are no doubt feeling uncertainty and nervousness about our current recession. You have questions. What comes next? What happens until a vaccine is released? Will this end? There are no easy answers. But there is good news. We have survived recessions before. …

Committed to yourself now: “As long as I never let myself down, so that the experiences wont get me down either”.

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Most of the time, failure was just another blessing. So many people have lost everything recently. They’ve lost their jobs, their apartments, their health, and some have even their loved ones. More and more people give in to fear and frustration, it can seem like none of this should be…

Real-life cases and research findings show how you can handle and reduce your anxiety and unnecessary stress during COVID-19.

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Most of us know the basics: it is vital to create daily habits, to exercise, and to connect with our social supports using virtual meetings and social media. The COVID-19 global pandemic, extended lock-down and the systemic ramifications are not only unprecedented but harrowing. We are all adjusting to new…

You must learn in which people to invest your time wisely, so that you can keep them for longer and then increase the number of good friends around you.

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Many people, although they do not truly have the goal of changing their life, insist on talking about their problems, because they recognize that, by decreasing the emotional burden, it is easier to live with the problem they carry. …

GL. Nga Theng

Global Marketer. Certified Reiki Energy Healer. Natural Herbalist. Empowering self care for total well-being to live the life you deserves.

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